You to get the money out of PayPal TUT

Hello Everyone,

Create an account at one of the popular freelancing sites and use
the name and details that you have used on the PayPal account
that you want to get the money out from.
*IMPORTANT* Make sure that the freelancing site you choose to
use has an Escrow service.
(Escrow service means that the money paid for services will be
first paid to the account of the site, and only once the service has
been completed it will be released to the worker.)

Step 2
Using this account, post a Job Request (task to be done) asking
for a service that would usually cost close to the amount of
money you want to ’clean up’. Make this job offer look legit and
watch the countless number of freelancers offer you thei

Step 3
Sign up on the same freelancing site, using a different IP (an
open proxy or a WiFi hotspot is perfectly fine year) and you real
name and PayPal information.

Step 4
Use the newly created account and make a bid on your own
job offer – as if you would want to do the job.

Step 5
A few days later, return to the freelancing site with the first
account you created, accept the bid that your second account
made and pay the money to the freelancing site.

Step 6
After a couple of more days, log in again, claim that the work has
been done (notifying the freelancing site that the payment can be
released) and enjoy nice clean funds on your main PayPal
account, ready to be withdrawn!

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