[TUT]Portforward without going to your router NOT UTORRENT[EASY Portforward TUT]

Without a doubt the easiest portforwarding software made! (Need Java for this program)

[Image: ZYly4.png]

This program Portmapper 1.9.5 uses uPnP support to forward your router. Great for Ratting.


1. Press connect in the program.
2- If you cannot connect, change the portmapper settings to the second drop-down library.
3- Create a portmapping preset
4- Set your Description and for remote host leave blank, Internal client is which computer you want it forwarded to.
5- Add your protocol as tcp/udp and leave the external and internal ports the same (this is the port you want forwarded)
6- Add and save
7-Under presets click your preset and press use.
8- Wait a couple seconds, and go to canyouseeme.org
9- If your port is forwarded, then you may close the client.



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