Tutorial on How To Verify Paypal Accounts

This tutorial is simple, but it does take a couple of days till’ your PP is verified.
This does not involve a credit card.

Step One.
You will need to go to this site.

Step Two.
Press the Sign-Up Now tab.

[Image: cd9a2b9399.png]

Note: IP’s are logged when registering, so being on a VPN is recommended. Try ProXPN or CyberGhost.

Step Three.
Use FakeNameGenerator when putting in the info. When done click “continue”.

Step Four.
Create an account.

[Image: ?h=d5d18ea64abb4f78ad27a5cfcd82e726]

Step Five.
After that it will take you to this page.

[Image: ?h=02f280fa1c27d30b55715b0e855ee83d]

Stay on the that page, you will need it for the next step.

Step Six.
Sign on to your Paypal account.
After that hover you mouse over “Profile” and press “Add or Edit Bank Account”.

[Image: ?h=711a9948aefe549ebf286410122435ee]

After that everything is straight forward. Just fill out the routing and account info with the Upside card info. Paypal will send little amounts of money to the account and ask how much they sent you. Just sign onto the Upside card account to see. Good luck!

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