[Tutorial] Control Projectors at school. Fun little method.

figure this is the best fit section for this, so here goes.

My school is pretty much brand new, and every classroom has a projector mounted on the roof. The teachers can wirelessly connect their computer’s to the projector, or mount it on a dock.

Each time they connect, a little box on the projector screen pops up and says ” LT Series 10.8.31.xx “

All the projectors on the network range from –

When you go to your web browser ( Computer, Android, iPhone etc.. )
You can type in the IP of the projector (sometimes you need to add :80 at the end) and you get to the projector control panel. (BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO THE SAME NETWORK AS THE PROJECTOR. My school has 5 different WiFi networks, so it can be tricky finding the right one at first.)

Control Panel:
[Image: screenshot1328207772036.png]

Control Panel 2: (Blank picture, mute sound, switch viewing mode.)
[Image: screenshot1328207790124.png]

[Image: screenshot1328207801762.png]

These are just basic functions, but are quite fun 🙂

For my school, when I turn the projector on/off, the fan makes a really loud noise, that goes for about 2 minutes. Also, a good wait to delay taking notes, because the teacher has to keep switching the picture back on if you disable it 🙂

I just wanted to share this, because some people might be in school, and have these.

I would post a video of me doing it, but my phone camera doesn’t work..

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