[TUT]Make A Mobile Hidden Camera.

cPlease read the full tutorial before attempting this

What you will need for this:

  • A webcam that you are willing to take apart (Can be crappy)
  • A sweatshirt your willing to cut holes in
  • A backpack
  • A laptop

Note: This a cheap way to make a hidden camera, assuming you have all of the above and don’t want to actually go out and buy a pair of $150 spy glasses.

Okay, so lets start the tutorial.

First, you are going to need to break/pry/bash with a hammer(Just kidding) your webcam out of it’s plastic shell housing without harming the lens or the circuit board inside. You can use a screwdriver or, whatever you wish to make that work.

So, after you have broken it out of the housing, you should just be holding the board with the lens and the cable hanging off.

Now that you have the raw components, its time to get your sweatshirt.
You are going to need to cut two holes in the sweatshirt.
The first hole will be small enough for the cable to fit in. – This hole will be on the inside of the sweatshirt, right behind the front pocket of the sweatshirt. (The big pouch by your stomach).

The next hole should be just big enough for the camera lens to fit in. This hole will go on the outside of the middle front pocket.

So it should go in this order.
1. Hole behind front pocket.
2. Camera is slid into pocket and cord fed through hole stated above.
3. Camera lens peeks out of very front pocket hole so it can see in front of you.

GREAT! Were almost done!

Now we go to the laptop and go to our display settings. (Since I’m typing this on a Mac I can’t remember where this would be so you should look around) You need to find a setting that allows the screen to stay on, even when your laptop is closed.

If you have done this and tested it by closing your laptop and then peeking into it and the screen is on. You are pretty much done.

All that is needed now is to setup your webcam software, plug in you webcam from your pocket, press record, put the laptop in your backpack with a little gap in the zipper for the cord to run out of it, and feed the cord into your sweatshirt.

Now you can put your hands in your pocket and point the lens wherever you want.

Note: This may seem VERY noticeable. This is only because YOU know it’s there. I’ve walked around everywhere and even talked to people and no one gave it a second look.

Have fun with this cheap and easy method for a spy camera!

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