[TUT]How to hack a PSP[NEW]

Ok here is a guide how to hack a PSP so you can play free games and that sort of stuff…

(1) PSP USB cable,
(2) PSP (All Model’s possible)
(3) Firmware 6.20, 6.35, 6.39
(4) PRO-B8
(5) IQ above the 80
(6) Memory Stick/Card

Ok let’s Start Thumbsup

Step1: Connect your PSP to the PC,

Step2: Download ProB8 (Downloads are listed at the end)

Step3: Select The 4 Files: PROUPDATE, FastRecovery, CIPL_Flasher, PSPCWF. [Image: asdf013.png]

Step4: Place them in your PSP Game Folder.

Step5: Start your PSP and Start CIPL Flasher.

Step6: When you run it you get a black screen with text, Just press X and follow the instructions and your PSP Will reboot itself.

step7: Connect your PSP at the PC again and make a map called ISO (It must all be CAPS.) [Image: asdf013.png]

Step8: Download a .ISO game, Place it in your ISO map.

step9: Now you are ready to play the game, just start it the same way you normally start the PSP games Victoire

Downloads Here Superman

PRO-B8 For 6.20: http://adf.ly/2BvKd

PRO-B8 For 6.35: http://adf.ly/2Bv5R

PRO-B8 For 6.39: http://adf.ly/2Bv3y

Winrar: http://adf.ly/2BvA0

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