[TuT] Repell Mosquitoes with Computer [TuT]

I’m Going to teach you How to Turn your Pc/Laptop into a Mosquito Killer
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Let’s Start !
Have you ever thought about killing Mosquitoes with a Computer . After following this tut you can get rid of Mosquitoes and other annoying Insects without using any Insecticides and other Chemicals

Background & Idea

Dragonflies are the mortal enemy of mosquitoes .During their flight they generate sound frequencies between 66Hz and 45Hz (depending upon their size) .
So Basically What we will do is ,We will generate a frequency in this range .

What will you Need

Computer and Speaker (in Working Condition)

What will we do

With the Help of Software ,we will Generate a frequency [ranging 45Hz to 66Hz] .So ,in those frequencies ,56 is a good average number .
There are many Sound and Tone Generator programs available on internet for both internet and Mac .Just Setup the computer with Sound/tone generator Program running and play the sound through Computer Speakers which can be aimed directionally for complete room coverage .
Sound level on the speakers should be adjusted so that it is barely audible audible . This arrangement can be setup in a bedroom where you would like to have the window open but are worried about mosquitoes. One speaker should be fairly close to where you are sleeping .

In Simple Words
We are going to do is generating a sound of 56Hz from our Speakers which will repel and keep them away and sounds of this frequency also kills all those mosquitoes .

Now ,Here comes the Question .
Which Software or Tone Generator to Choose ?
Ans : You can Google Tone Generators which can actually sweep between 45Hz and 66Hz .
I know many n00bs will still ask about the software ,for them i hv selected these two Tone Generator

NCH Tone Generator Link to Official Site

Test Tone Generator Link to Official Site

But I will recommend to Google these Tone Generator Softwares .

Enjoy !!

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