[ TuT ] LokiRat Setup, Step by Step, pictures [ Noob friendly]

If you need reliable, and affordable web hosting for your new LokiRat install, I reccomend DotVPS.net and their Russian Plan.

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Any plan will work, I reccomend the Basic one to start off.

First we need a webhost to upload Php files in, if you not want to pay for it i recommed you to use Azok.org. in this tutorial i use Azok.org

Make a new free webhost and Login in to Cpanel.

In Cpanel you will click File manager 1

[Image: 27453101.jpg]

Click on puplic_html and upload your php files.

[Image: 68157596.jpg]

Go back to you Cpanel and click on MySql Databases

[Image: 82344060.jpg]

Create mysql Database

[Image: 60804554.jpg]

Goto php my admin

[Image: 88838428.jpg]

Go to you php folder on you desktop and open Database.sql file in notepad. Find lokirat2 in the code and edit it to your database name.

[Image: 51847420.jpg]

Go back to phpmyadmin click import and import your database.sql file.

[Image: 46785769.jpg]

Now you have to go back to you file manager.
Edit settings.php

[Image: 60128411.jpg]

Now you have setup you php files, we need to test them. Open you host name like http://hejs.azok.org/PHP%20Files/ If you have done this correct it schould loke like this.

[Image: 59090484.jpg]

Start LokiRat -> Configuration and paste you website in like me.
Click Okay

remember link must be to admin.php

[Image: 88818047.jpg]

Click connection and connect. In server status you can see if you are connected.

[Image: 25530139.jpg]

Now we need to build our server

Click Builder and input our information, and click build.
remember the link must be to bot.php

[Image: 71239177.jpg]

And we are done.

[Image: 69117997.jpg]

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    shivseo January 27, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Really great and informative tutorial you have shared and i get it clear about this topic.web hosting provider

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    Tribal April 21, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    hi, how do i buy lokirat?

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