[TUT] How to get an IP by Sending A Link [TUT]

Okay FIRST off, I know this has been posted before but I wanted to share it with the new people that don’t check all the pages.

Alright, to begin with you want to go to this site. (http://www.whatstheirip.com)

You want to enter your email that you want your victims IP sent to and click ‘Get Link.’

On the next page, simply copy one of the links and send it to your slave simply through any IM.

Once your slave has clicked the link, you will be sent an E-mail with their IP!

*Note: It is recommended if your trying to get a single person’s IP, you send them the link without sending it to anyone else or you may get confused which IP is Which.

DISCLAIMER: What you do with the IP’s is up to you. I am not held responsible for anything you may do with them. This Tutorial is for Knowledge only.

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