Spy-Net v3 Final

New features include:
– Added optional connection limit.
– Increased connection stability. Spy-Net is now as stable as SS-Rat.
– Increased speed in filemanager list files and list drives.
– Autostart on most features nw
– Password retrieval has been improved.

Features and specs:
– server around 280 kb, depending on if icon is selected, rootkit, upx compressed, etc
– windows xp, vista and 7 compatible;
– DNS Updater (for now working with No-IP. developing dyndns updater atm)
– File Manger with a load full of options like FTP upload, set attributes to files, preview for images, etc etc etc;
– Windows List;
– Process List;
– Device List;
– Service List;
– Registry Editor;
– Installed Programs;
– Active Ports List;
– Remote Desktop;
– Webcam capture;
– Audio Capture;
– Password Recovery Tool (with direct download to client or FTP logs);
– Password Grabber;
– Socks 4/5 proxy;
– HTTP Proxy;
– Open Webpage;
– Download and Execute;
– Send local files and run hidden or normally;
– Remote Chat Client;
– DOS Prompt;
– Run cmd;
– Clipboard Grabber;
– Search for remote files and search on Password Recovery Tool;
– Access to download folder, remote desktop screen shots and web capture from menu.
– Encrypted traffic between Client and server;
– a few extra options (restart, lock buttons and stuff….) and all the options related to server (uninstall, rename, etc etc etc);
– add a new option for injection – wait for first browser to open. not the default but the first to start. seems useful in some cases.
– Rootkit in beta stage and being developed. It will hide process name and startup keys that have SPY_NET_RAT as name. Tested under XP and working, being developed and tested on other OS’s;
– Connections Limit selector;
– Binder,
– Columns selector (u can choose which columns u wanna see details from in the client. ex: u can hide RAM info view or Ports info view or any other using right click on top of the columns);
– Ability to choose either server is installed or not in remote computer.

NOTICE:you cant update it spynet 2.7 to spynet 3 its not compatible

[Image: folder-download.png]

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