Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Rooting

Who make life difficult rooting x8 eclair
metode2 before, I recommend
rootingnya using this method,
straight course, for his distinguished x8
ecalir not yet in
root, can directly use this method for
root ecalirnya,


1.Download superoneclick (SOC): here

2.x8 eclair (not at root)
Direct-only, after downloading SOC
extract up to where
SOC-open and run superoneclick
(Android logo image)
-After that plug into a PC telpon/x8
(Sdcard mount only)
After plug-in, click on the root
SOC software earlier,
-Wait a moment (usually sdcard
will mount unmount itself) until
it says device is rooted
X8-finished ….. now ecalir already
root, without complicated must downgrade
NB: if when using the SOC is too long
(More than 10 minutes) just restart the PC
cellphone and try again ….
good luck