Personalize Your Own Google Logo & Background (firefox Only)

  • Change the Google Logo:
    • Install the GreaseMonkey Firefox Add-on.
    • Install the Necessary Script.
    • After installing, open Google.
    • Double click the Google Logo and a box will appear with two text Boxes, for title and color.
    • Type your own text and assign any color for each word.
    • Different numbers represent different color: 1 – Blue, 2 – Red, 3 – Yellow, 4 – Green or other – Random.
    • Click on the “Change” Button.
    • Thats it! Enjoy your new Personalized Google Logo!
  • Change Google Background:
    • Go to McSearcher.
    • Enter the name and upload the picture.
    • Click on Create Here.
You will see your own picture as Background. Bookmark it and make it as your homepage. Every time you open your browser your saved personalized page will appear.

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