New Reliance Tricks For Free Internet with Opera mini and Ucweb

 1: For Ucweb
First of all download any uc handler
and put this fq in it .
Its tested and 100% working.
NOTE-use the settings given in the below post and if it works for u,please comment here and hit like to the website. 
2: Opera Mini
First of all create a net connection with following settings:
apn-rcomwap ,
proxy address- ,
in ip adress put this-
After this download opera mini handler and put this in custom
and in custom socket put this-
Thats all now connect with above settings and surf free internet at any balance.If it work please leave a comment here and hit like to this website.  

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    Sonu007 September 22, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    pivla aagar trks nay chali to 😀 😛
    Try Karke bolta hu

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