.Net Custom Themes And Controls [SOURCE]

Most of you should be common with this post as this is 3. time i post it :/
But this time i have done a loot, i sweer!
I will also give you a tutorial on how to use the controls and the forms!

New things in this version:
* New Form (BlackCapForm2)
– The system buttons can be fully removed, not only disabled (Set visible to false)
– Extra text (Under the form tittle) (If the value of this is empty, the tittle will apear normal)
– The FormBorderStyle don’t have to stay at None, if changed your form will do some changes
– Automaticly sets the padding
– Both old and new form supports icons

* New Button (BcButton)
– Got all its colors in propertyes, that means that you can change the way it looks
– Have a glow animation at mouse hover

* BcDigitalDisplay
– Now also supports “-” chars

* GdiControls, CustomForm
– The forms is no longer just a skinned ContainerControl you put over your orginal form, it’s a skinned form. This both runs a loot
faster, and is easyer to use.
– Added Visible property in the GdiControls Class, if sat to false the CustomForm will not draw it or raise its events
– Added opening and closing animations to the CustomForm class (Fading in and out and shrink/grow into/from center)

Fixed things:
* Source code
– Renamed the controls and gave them english names
– Think i translated all public propertyes and events to english, if not, please tell me! Also tell me about wrong words and typos if any
– Removed the “Farger” class and declares pigments in each control instead
– Added a function to fix opasity in the GdiMethods class

* Old Form (BlackCapForm1)
– Fixed systembuttons disabled color
– Fixed that the maximize button still worked while disabled

* GroupBox
– Fixed the laggs while resizing it

– CalculatorNumericUpDown (Some honest guy told me he hated it..) (Will propertly fix it later 🙂 )


[Image: mashup.png]


1. Create a new Windows Form Application
[Image: Capture143.PNG]

2. Chose add extisting item…
[Image: Capture228.PNG]

3. Select all the files in the BlackCap Controlz folder
[Image: Capture315.PNG]

4. Click “Show all files”
[Image: Capture413.PNG]

5. Open the designer file of your form
[Image: Capture513.PNG]

6. This should be your designer code
[Image: Capture611.PNG]

7. Change the inheirts to BlackCapForm1 or 2
[Image: Capture710.PNG]

8. Build your application!
[Image: Capture810.PNG]

9. Go to Form1 just to make sure everything worked Smile
[Image: Capture910.PNG]

10. F5! Congratz, you now have a cool BlackCapForm ^^
All the controls should be at the top of your toolbox by now Oui

You can download the project from here: http://filesmelt.com/dl/BlackCap_Controlz1.zip

Hope you all enjoy, please report bugs, tell me what to do better and what to do next (requests), thats why i share this with you Smile

– A special thanks to AeonHack for his AMASING projects which teached me the art of GDI! I hope I one day can be like you

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