How to Use a VPS to send DoS Commands Through an SSH Client (PuTTY)

How to use a VPS to send DoS Commands through an SSH Client with a perl script, so I decided to make a tutorial for those who are curious.
You will need:
PuTTY Client:

Linux VPS and install Centos OS (alot of VPS’ come with Centos OS already)

Perl script (I will provide a basic one):

Step 1. Obtain a VPS (at least 100Mbps)

Step 2. Download PuTTY from the provided link

Step 3. Open PuTTY, you should get a screen that looks like this:

[Image: k4HPe.png]

Step 4. In the Hostname Box, type in your VPS Hostname and then the box under “Saved Sessions” type whatever you want to call your PuTTY.

Step 5. Click Save.

Step 6. Double click your PuTTY Server that you just created (some box will popup, just click OK). You should get a screen that looks like this

[Image: OZ92Z.png]

Step 7. If this is your VPS, login as root, it will says “Access Denied”, type in the password provided with your VPS then click enter (you password will not show up when you type, so it will look like you are not typing.) Once you click enter this is what your screen should look like:

[Image: 4I6PH.png]

Step 8. Type in: “yum install perl” then click enter, after you do this, your screen should look like this:

[Image: KCA6t.png]

Step 9. Download WinSCP.

Step 10. Open WinSCP and type in your hostname, your username (root), and password.

Step 11. Click enter, another popup box will come up, just click OK. Your screen should now look like this:

[Image: utE12.png]

Step 12: drag and drop the perl script ( into the root folder (where all the .bash files are).

Step 13. Exit out of WinSCP.

Step 14. Restart PuTTY, sign back into your server.

Step 15. Your server is now ready to send Denial of Service attacks to send attacks type: “Perl (IPHERE) (Port Here) 65500 (Number of seconds here)” type this without the parentheses and replace with numbers. Then click ENTER to send command.

Step 16. To stop any attack press Ctrl C

Step 17. To Add users to your server type “adduser (Username here)” click ENTER.

Step 18. then type “passwd (username here)” click ENTER

Step 19. it will ask for New UNIX password, type in a password (remember, nothing shows up when you type passwords)

Step 20. After you type the password press enter and retype it and press enter again.

Step 21. Success! PuTTY Server has been setup and Users have been added!

Step 22.If this was useful to you, please leave a comment to keep thread alive, thank you.

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