How To Setup A Working Java Compiler [TUT]

Hey guys, i’m going to tell you how to setup a fully working Java compiler.

First we need the files: (This are the older versions of JRE and JDK, but they are still working fine) when finished just install both of the files. (JRE 6 Update 16 setup.exe first)

Step 1:
Go to Start > Configuration.

[Image: 23193454.jpg]

Step 2:
Double click at System.

[Image: 45502085.jpg]

Step 3:
Click the Advance tab and after that the other button.

[Image: 15058713.jpg]

Step 4:
Hit the Path line in the lowest box and after that click Edit.

[Image: 79031364.jpg]

Step 5:
Scroll to the end of the text rule and add this: “;C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_16bin” without the quotes. (DON’T PUT A SPACE BETWEEN IT!)

[Image: 91084555.jpg]

Congratulations, you’ve just setted up a working Java compiler.
I hope you people can understand everything in this tutorial.

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