How to save web pages in pdf format using Google chrome-Complete Guide

PDF means Portable Document Format.Its benfit is that the fonts
formatting of a document remains same on any computer.
benefits that pdf is very common format and most of 
professionals save there document in this format.There are 
many softwares available on the internet that can be used to 
convert document in pdf but you can 
save web pages in pdf 
format by using Google chrome.A complete guide 
is given below 
by which you can easily do it.

How to save web pages in pdf format
1.First of all open the web page that you like in Google chrome.
2.Than press ctrl+p to open print preview.
3.Now in the left sidebar you will se a Destination option in
that select 
Print to PDF.
4.Than click on Print option and give the destinaion to save
your web page.
5.You have done…!! In this way you can save web pages in
pdf format.

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