How to make a website lag or crash by DoSing

Ok before you start trolling this thread or any of that. Please click the back button. And also, Don’t try to Crash any thing really big. Now that it’s cleared.Lets get started shall we?
First start off by going to this website to download net tools 5 and go to the bottom and it should look like this
[Image: Screenshot_1-3.png]
Now go ahead and download that and open it and it should look like this. Now go ahead and open it up and select Start –> Network Tools –> HTTP Flooder (Dos).
[Image: Screenshot_2-1.png]
And next open CMD and type Ping victims url. For example ill do and it should show an ip like so.
[Image: Screenshot_3.png]
Now you want to go ahead and type that into your Net tools DoSer and change the connections to 1000. :NOTE: I Do not recommend going over 1000 unless your bandwith is good. P.S. – This also works on VPS’S So if you have a VPS And you want to take down a website. To get either a little more lag out of it or crash it for a little longer, You can also use a vps for this. So now your Net tools Should look like this.
[Image: Screenshot_1-4.png]
Now hit the Start button and wait a few seconds. Then refresh the page of your slave, Now please note. If your planning on taking out a big host or a free PHBB Forum Host. Then you will need around 3-4 people to start some major Lag or Crash.
Me and a few mates took down a Free Forums host with this tool. Now if you really want to put someone down. I Recommend using a booter or get around 5-10 People with you on this tool to knock someone off for a while. If you liked this TUT Please Comment below or feel free to Rep. 🙂 Thanks -Bid
P.S. If you want to know if you successfully took someone offline go to and type the url and see if it is up or down. 🙂

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