How to hack into a Database and take files.

What will you need?
  • You need basic computer skills such as making new folders.
  • You Need a dos called Wget You can download from HERE
  • You need to have administrative privileges on your computer.

The Tutorial
Step 1: Download Wget from HERE
and put it on the root of your operating system, most people have “C” So go there and make a new folder called wget NO CAPS. Inside only put the dos. (btw the dos doesn’t open I will show you how to use it)

Step 2: Open Cmd
In XP go to run and put CMD or
In vista/7 Search for CMD and right click open as Administrator.

[Image: step2e.png]

Step 3: In Cmd put “cd C:wget” No quotes and if your main drive is not C put it as your main drive.

[Image: step3gj.png]

Step 4: Post this command “wget -r -A.jpg” (Don’t press enter) See how it says .jpg, you can make it the extension your trying to get. Right now it would take any file with the extension .jpg and download it. If you changed the command to wget -r -A.html it would get all the html files ect.

[Image: step4y.png]

Step 5: Now after that you can space once and put the website or link/server you want to take from. It will check for safety and certificates if you don’t want it too because its a hassle you can put this. –no-check-certificate. So after you put the first command you space you put this then you space again and post the website/link/server and port if you want to get specific.

Step 6: Now you’re set! Just press enter and watch the magic happen. You can open another cmd and do another file extension at the same time.

[Image: step5b.png]

Step 7: Now just go to the wget folder on C and open it. There should be a new folder of the website in there. Click on it and thats the files.

[Image: step6o.png]

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