Today, I will be showing you how to create and use your very own custom wi-fi Hotspot on your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone within a 100 mile range of your home computer!!! This hack works on ALL GENERATIONS of the iDevices listed above and NO JAILBREAK is required! Before we begin, I just want to say that some people don’t believe this is possible, but if you would like to reverse engineer the program, feel free. Also, this program took a group of 4 people about 3 months to create. The way this program works is once you download the program and inject the custom made wi-fi Hotspot onto your iDevice, it takes your home connection and puts the settings of your router in iCloud (The Memory Storage in the Cloud, not on your computer) and gives off the connection to the unique UDID of your iDevice and let’s you use your home connection internet within a 100 mile range. The farther away you are from your house, the WORSE the connection is, the closer you are to your house, the BETTER your connection is on your iDevice. With that being said, let’s begin:


STEP 1. Download iDevice Wi-FI Hotspot Builder HERE
(We put our download links on $harecash to prevent from leechers. It took a LOT of time to code and create, so you can at least download from $harecash.)

2. Connect your iDevice into your Computer.

3. Open up the program you just downloaded and choose the name of the wifi hotspot you want to create.

4. Choose the password of the wifi hotspot you are creating(If you don’t want a password, then don’t type anything).

5. Choose how many people can use the wifi hotspot other than yourself.

6. Click ‘Next’. Then click ‘Save wifi hotspot settings onto my Device.’

7. Wait for the program to finish putting the hotspot files onto your iDevice and to finish uploading the files onto the online server (iCloud).

8. After that has been done, you need to reboot the plugged-in device.

9. Then, Sign in to the wifi Hotspot that you created on your iDevice.

10. Once you have finished doing all the above steps, you
can use your own wifi hotspot on your iDevice anywhere within 100 miles of the computer you set up the wifi hotspot on (Your home connection).

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