How to Get the New Youtube Layout (Unreleased){Easy!}

It is how to get the new Youtube Layout that is not yet released. I know many people seem to be getting it through being random selected.. This could be it for many people.. I don’t really know. I didn’t find any other post like this, so here it is. I don’t know how many of you know this, but it is pretty cool and easy to do..

Pictures (very large):

[Image: bd4e8405.png]

[Image: d1d6a5ba.png]

[Image: d6a35040.png]

What you do:

1. Go to Youtube using Google Chrome or Firefox.
2. Open developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+J for Chrome and Ctrl+Shift+k for Firefox)
3. Go to the “Console” tab.
4. Paste the following: document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=ST1Ti53r4fU”;
5. Reload the page
6. Enjoy

Note: I am not sure when the new layout will be released or how long this will stay (probably until you clear your cookies?)

Anways… Enjoy

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