How to get original & celebrity Youtube names!

Step  1:

Go to and sign up for an account. In the first name field, put the first name of the person you want to imitate and in the last name field, put the last name of the person you want to imitate.

For the username, put something you can remember. You need to remember the username in order to log in back into the fake account.

Step 2:

Create a password and fill in the gender, birthday, and mobile phone number. These can be fake, but make sure to register a Youtube account over 18 years old!

Provide an e-mail address, fill in the CAPTCHA, agree to the Terms of Service, and click Next Step.

Step 3:

Add a profile picture to make things more authentic.

Step 4:

Go to and sign in with the Google Plus account you just created. Go to the desired video and click “Add a channel” and go to the next step.

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