[HoT Free Internet Trick] Get Official Free 500 MB Data On Airtel 3G

Now you can get 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel SIM. Airtel offering Free 500MB 3G Data to all Airtel customers as a promotional offer. Just follow given instructions to get it. Its 100% free, just apply to have one for you. Find details below.

How to Get 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel:

  1. Click Here to apply for 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel.
  2. You must connected to internet through same Airtel SIM.
  3. Minimum 50MB data balance required in that SIM.
  4. Click on “add alternate contact detail” at left side.
  5. Enter your alternative mobile number and email ID.
  6. Click submit and you’ll get OTP (one time password) on mobile.
  7. Enter that OTP to compete the process.
  8. You’ll get a success or failure message.
  9. The 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel number will added in seconds.
  10. Now just refresh that page to see available 3G data or check by dialing *123*11#.
  11. The 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel Offer is ended now, give a try after few days.

Offer Details/Features:

  1. This 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel is basically valid for Airtel dongle (3G data card) users but its working for any Airtel SIM with any dongle.
  2. You must connected to net using Airtel SIM on which you want to get 500MB Free 3G Data.
  3. Your current data balance must be 50 MB at least.
  4. 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel promotional offer is valid for all users in India.
  5. 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel is depends on Airtel, we just sharing this info.
  6. The validity of 500MB Free 3G Data on Airtel offer is unknown.
  7. In our test its working perfectly with any Airtel SIM on any dongle.
  8. Also you can connect your phone directly to to PC to avail this offer.

Another Method:

1. First Connect net though Airtel SIM only ( Important )
2. Then Go here Link : http://3gdongle.airtel.in/
3. At Top side there is Offer Box as shown below click button.

airtel 3 airtel1
4. Put your alternate Contact details and click on submit .

5.Put correct OTP [One Time Password]and press submit.

6. That's it you will get 500MB free data on your sim.

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