Get IP adress of your Target[TUT]

This method always worked for me so i am sharing it with you its very common but still very powerful.
1. Create a account on a webhost like 000webhost or just make a search here
2. Once you have logged in click on Online File Manager
3. Now click on the folder htdocs.
[Image: 16XCy.png]
4.Create a new file and name it “iplogger.php” and enter the following code in it.

$desp = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
$psed = date("d-m-y / H:i:s");
$fde = $psed . " - " . $ip . " - " . $desp . "<br />";
$fopen = fopen("iplog.html", "a");
fwrite($fopen, $fde);

click on save and we are done!
Now anyone who clicks on the link


you will log their ip and they will get redirected to you can chage that part though.
And to view your recorded go to “”

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