Get FREE Skype Credit over and over again [TUT 2011]

Maybe few of you allready know for this “trick” allready,but this post is to people which dont know :).

OK, lets start :

Step 1:- Download hotspot shield vpn by going here and connect it.

Step 2:- Now visit free Skype voucher generator link and click on get free voucher.

Step 3:- Now you receive the free voucher

Step 4:- Login into your Skype account and click on Redeem Voucher.
 Step 5:- Paste the voucher code Here and click on Redeem Voucher and you will get free 1.02 Euro

Now if you want more cash in your Skype account, on virtual machine ( i preffer VM Ware Workstation) install hotspotshield,make sure you get different ip adress, and change your “computer/virtual machine” name. Repeat all the steps as much as you like 🙂

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