Free Unlimited Domain Trick

  1. Start off by making a email, that you can remember. (or just use your own)
  2. But if not just make a hotmail one, simple fast easy. (Yay)
  4. —————————————–
  5. Now go to and at the top of the page it will say Sign Up smack dat little button.
  7. And just use but remember the info you use, so just keep the page loaded.
  9. —————————————–
  11. After you’ve signed up, they will send you a anctivtion code, just put that in and click continue.
  12. and you will come to page that has a small box saying add amount, just put 20.00, and click continue.
  13. smack a agree, and go the next step.
  15. —————————————–
  17. Now keep that page open as it has a few parts of info we need.
  18. Now where gonna head off to and click Get free website now put in Email, user and pass you
  19. will remember, and name use the stuff form fakenamegenerator, click Accept Terms of Service and proceed on. Find a domain
  20. you want, and click Register and add all the info as last time form the fakenamegenerator and than at the buttom, where it ask
  21. for a credit card, just add the one form entropay.
  23. —————————————-
  25. Take about 14hours for it to exatly register, but hey free domain.

  1. Reply
    vansh thakur February 9, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    your 21. option

    at the last all done

    i hve fill the card no. website say

    We were unable to process the authorization of your credit card. Please check the card number and try again, or use a different credit card.

    plzzzzzz ans how to make free domain

  2. Reply
    Reema-Raza March 30, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    entropay is not working anymore please share any new trick

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