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How to get free views for your youtube video
So, you want free views? You got it!

Step 1: We need too register, as usual 😛
– Register at u2bviews

Step 2: After register
– Once you’ve registered go to your “Control panel” (Upper right corner)

Step 3: Getting credits
– At the bottom go to “Surf“.

Step 4: Lets say you use Chrome.
– Open Mozilla, Opera or any other browser program and let the Surf stay on for a while.

The meaning too open a new browser is that you can turn the sound off. While having the sound off you can do whatever you want. Work on your new project, listen too music, play on your computer or even watch a movie while you get credits too add to your movie.

Step 5: Adding your Youtube video
– This is simple, you copy/paste your URL too your ytube video.
– Type in the amount of credits – views you want too add.

There you go!

Free views, simple and fast.

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Homepage: u2bviews
About u2bviews: http://www.u2bviews.com/about/

I will make future guides for those who wants too go even deeper in this.
If anything is unclear, then please tell me so i can correct my mistakes!

I’m sorry for my gramar.. Can’t help i choose wrong on to/too
Best of luck, would be good if someone could post results 🙂

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