Facebook Trick : Mafia Wars Facebook Cheat Code

Well something for Mafia Wars Fans to cheer about as we will be unveiling one of the most fabulous hack for Mafia Wars Facebook application.
This hack makes use of a userscript which sets up a Mafia Wars Auto Player Manager which you can use to play Mafia Wars without your intervention and you make the autoplayer manager do exactly what you want to.
This script adds a settings option in Mafia wars where you can configure the manager and set necessary settings and the manager will do the rest.
Settings Page Includes
  • General Options
  • Social Options
  • Display Option
  • Stamina Option
  • Skills Option
  • Energy Option
  • Investment Option
  • About
All these options can be viewed and managed accordingly to enable an Automated Manager to play your game while you sit back and relax and view whats happening. Settings include an option of investment where you can ask the manager which all properties to buy and which to not. Similarly, for other options it does something different.
In a way it is a kind of cheat and we insist everyday Mafia War player to install this awesome hack and build a bigger empire in less time and investment.
See Screen-shots should give you a better idea.
After Script Is Installed
As you can see in experience Bar you are being shown how much experience is left to unlock the next level plus the Settings option is also enabled.
Now when you click on the Settings Option a Settings Manager Box opens where in you can do whatever changes suit you.
mafiawars manager settings
Mafia Wars Automated Manager/Settings
Thanks The Mafia for the script.

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