Download mp3’s Files Fast from Youtube

In this TUT i’m going to show you my way and the fastest i ever have tryed to download mp3 files.

The website we will be using is :

1 step : find a video you would like the mp3 file of.

2 step : Copy the link bar of this video

[Image: youtubelinke.jpg]

3 : after you have copied that go to

4 : when your on the site, put the copied youtube link in the bar.

[Image: yoyoa.jpg]

5 : click convert.

6 : after you have clicked convert you should be getting page like this.

[Image: sadsadbt.jpg]

7 : at that page hit download, and then a save dialog should pop up.
save the mp3 file at a place, and your done!

That was it 🙂

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