[Complete Guide]How to crack All Sites Hosting With Apex![Ultimate Guide]

*How to crack All Sites Hosting With Apex!*

Today I will teach you to use this wonderful program (APEX) which you can crack it all and more!

Quote:1) First, open up and APEX SITE SETTING choose the site you want to crack.

[Image: 369.png]

Quote:2) After PASS go to OPTIONS and click the check mark in Database Cracking on USER: PASS FORMAT and Cracking in Style on Backwords.

[Image: 370.png]

Quote:3) CRACKING Then go to SETTINGS and put Sockets 200 and put on TimeOut 8000.

[Image: 371.png]

Quote:4) After you go up proxy list, click on LOAD and load your proxy. (The Proxy can take them on this site http://proxy-hunter.blogspot.com/ or using programs that you can find on the internet such as Proxy Switcher: D)

[Image: 372.png]

Quote:5) Then go to CRACKING LIST, as users click on LOAD and load your Combo.

[Image: 373.png]

Quote:6) After all click on START.

7) After some time go to the section and PROXY LIST VALID proxies if there are 80 to 100 or PU valid proxy click below to SEND.

[Image: 374.png]

Quote:8) Wait for the end of the combo control everything and as soon as you finish up CRACKING list, click Save under the section Cracked … but note there could be not only but also Acount Premium Account Free.

8.1) then open the S-Soft WordList, click on Tools In Manipulation check Replace Chars in combination and in the first square you write: (colon) and type in the second squared – (Space – Space) … Then click below on the GO! and load your account and cracked after which you will open another window where you select the destination file accounts filtered.

[Image: 588.png]

Quote:9) Then open the software for check accounts to see if they are free or premium … For this example we use AIO CHECKER.

10) Open AIO CHECKER, click on Load and load the Account Crack and filtered.

[Image: 375.png]

Quote:11) SITE click on the site that we have cracked.

[Image: 376.png]

Quote:13) E. …. Finally there accounts checker will find you well and hoping for the Premium Account you can save them by clicking SAVE.

Here some References for you :



AIO Checker:

.OCX’s + Guida A Registrarle:

Have Fun Cracking! Black Hat

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