★★★★ [FREE-TUT] How to remove almost any virus [WORKING] ★★★★

Most of you will know will know this already but it will come in handy with the people who dont know this. Infected yourself with your own keylogger/RAT? Follow these steps to remove it.

1. Go to here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/
2. Download it.
3. Scan and wait untill finished it will find the infected files and you will have a choice to remove them and remove them!
4. Restart your computer/laptop it will give you the choice to or not.

Start screen:
[Image: okmz.png]

Scanning, I put some keyloggers of mine and clicked them to show you how it works!:)
[Image: scanng.png]

Removing the virus’s Just click remove selected.
[Image: asac.png]

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